Great exchanges on applied science event co-organized with the Ministry of Education and Science (MES)

On 4 March 2021, at the event, HERAS Plus presented the roadmap that describes Austrian and other countries’ practices regarding the regulatory aspects of the applied sciences approaches.

The roadmap paves the road towards developing a new Administrative Instruction and in the long-run new/revised accreditation standard. Only then the systematic reform will be complete in this field. More work is needed until then from the project HERAS Plus and all involved stakeholders, i.e., MES, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Accreditation Agency.

Though, excellent endorsement of the event proceedings by the Mr. Rame Likaj, Minister, Ms. Sandra Horina, Head of Office, Austrian Development Cooperation, Mr. Aqim Emurli, Team Leader, the representatives of the public HEIs, representatives of ADA funded projects (ALLED2 & QAINT) and HERAS Plus expert Mr. Kushtrim Bajrami.


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