First Forum of the National Scientific Council

Our great pleasure is to support the National Scientific Council with the first Forum themed “Development of National Scientific Program in Kosovo and the role of stakeholders and partnership in science”, held on April 19th, 2022.

The Forum brought together researchers and academic/managerial staff from universities/research Institutes, decision-makers, and other organizations and missions working or interested in science, research and innovation.

In her formal address, Ms. Edona Maloku Bërdyna, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation, elaborated on the current state of policy-making affairs related to research and innovation and invited the involvement and support of respective professionals, institutions in the process of drafting the National Scientific Program.

Whilst, Ms. Sandra Horina, Head of Office, Austrian Development Agency (ADA), addressed fellow panelists and participants by expressing the support of ADA through HERAS Plus for the research and innovation component through the policy-level intervention activities such as the support for the deriving Administrative Instructions from the Law on Scientific Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge and Technology, development of the Current Research Information System (CRIS) and the support to researchers through different grant schemes.

Participants were able to discuss the content and process both focused on the conditions for the National Science program’s development, expand the successful collaboration, share the expertise and knowledge, and identify synergies and opportunities for cooperation.

The last National Science Program has long expired, approved by the Government in June 2010 (valid for five years) the new program was pending due to the dissolution of the National Scientific Council (expired mandate).

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