First Meeting of Founding Members and Board of Organization of Kosovar-Austria Alumni

HERAS Plus organized a get-together event on November 3, 2021 with Board Members of the Organization of Kosovar-Austrian Alumni (OKAA).

The event was attended by Mr. Ulrich Hörmann, Head of Finance, OeAD and honorary founding member of OKAA. Mr. Aqim Emurli, HERAS Plus Team Leader spoke about the importance of uniting and empowering the alumni by creating a sustainable network for future Kosovo scholars trained in Austria. The event made way for the founding members to discuss matters regarding the statute of OKAA and a set of concrete steps for building their capacities that HERAS Plus could provide in the forthcoming period, including grants, capacity building programme, visits, etc.

OKAA is a non-profit foundation, registered based on the Kosovo legislation.  The organization will work to further promote the internationalization and academic mobility between Kosovo and Austria, share lessons learnt and act as a catalyst for generating new ideas to be funded by possible future donors.

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