First Meeting of the CRIS/KRIS Working Group

After launching of the CRIS/KRIS Roadmap on 25th May, the respective Working Group members, chaired by Deputy Minister Mr. Dukagjin Pupovci, constituting of representatives from the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Kosovo Accreditation Agency, Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Strategic Planning Office of the Prime Minister, ResearchCult and HERAS Plus, meet to advance the process of developing the system by discussing and agreeing on the Working Group Dynamic Work Plan and Individual Interviews to be conducted by the engaged expert for drafting the CRIS/KRIS specifications.

The Working Group is mandated to 1. support the drafting of the Terms of Reference for developing the system, including identifying what the system should contain and its functions; and 2. Establishing the necessary regulatory framework to functionalize the system, and it will be guided by the technical expertise provided by HERAS Plus.

The future Current Research Information System/Kosovo Research Information System is designed to be a centralized repository informing about research and innovation-related achievements; the regulatory basis will ensure its trustworthiness.

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