HERAS addressees the Conference Rectors event titled ‘Accreditation and Quality in Higher Education’

On 18 December 2020, HERAS International Expert, Mr. Bastian Baumann addressed the event ‘Accreditation and Quality in Higher Education’. Mr. Baumann stressed the support that the HERAS project has offered for the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA), Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MEST) and public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) towards the quality assurance enhancement in higher education sector in Kosovo. Noteworthy, the conference is part of a series of conferences that will be organized by the Conference of Rectors. The focus of this conference will be on the Accreditation Process and the Quality in Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo. The purpose of the Conference is to promote, develop, and protect the interests of Higher Education in Kosovo. The conclusions from the conference will be of support to all Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo.

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