HERAS organizes successfully a two days workshop on “Applying Human Rights Based Approach in Higher Education”

On 4th and 5th of July, HERAS experts Mr. Xhavit Rexhaj and Ms. Louise Sperl delivered the workshop on “Applying Human Rights Based Approach in Higher Education”. The aim of the workshop was to address the central aspects of higher education from a human rights perspective. This event was chaired and addressed by high level speakers from MEST, UP, Human Rights Center in UP and experts of the field from Austria and Kosovo. The workshop helped to foster the implementation of Social Dimension of Higher Education in Kosovo in line with the Bologna Process. Also, it helped to share the best European practices in this field.

The workshop was attended by around 40 participants from different institutions like: MEST, Public Universities, different NGO’s, Students Parliament, etc. The event proved to be very successful with discussions and different point of views from different backgrounds. Participants had the chance to share their experiences. All the conclusion that were agreed during this workshop will be followed up on the next upcoming activities.



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