HERAS Plus and University of Prishtina agree to develop a roadmap for performance measurement in the field of the academic matters

HERAS Plus and the University of Prishtina (UP) hold the kickoff meeting to discuss and approve the methodology for developing the “Roadmap on advising the senior management on how to launch and implement a Performance management instrument for the academic staff”. Mr. Aqim Emurli, HERAS+ Team Leader, after highlighting the readiness of the Project to support the University of Prishtina in the field of strategic and institutional development invited the UP leadership to work together in reviewing the proposed Methodology for this developmental intervention. Mr. Emurli noted that having a sound methodology is a determining factor to having a successful activity, and consequently to achieving an output that will be useful to UP leadership in their efforts to both improve the overall performance and improve services offered by the University.

Rector of UP, Prof. Dr. Naser Sahiti, commended the close cooperation between UP and the HERAS+ Project, and thanked the Project Team for their invaluable contribution. Further, Rector, Mr. Sahiti, presented his vision, and the vision of UP leadership, regarding the initiative to develop an annual system of evaluating the performance of academic staff, including the basic instrument called “The Performance Card”. The Rector, Mr. Sahiti, highlighted the fact that UP leadership is interested to apply an inclusive and consultative approach in the process of developing the Roadmap document. In this regard the Rector, Mr. Sahiti, recommended that the input and contribution of deans, academic staff, students and alumni is also taken into consideration.

Ms. Kristiina Tõnnisson, HERAS+ international expert, presented the proposed Methodology for delivering on this Activity and interacted with the Rector, Mr. Sahiti, and with other member of the UP team, as well as with the HERAS+ Team, in the process of receiving feedback for the proposed Methodology.

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