HERAS Plus conducts a two-day tailor-made training on Project Cycle Management for the University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan

On 29 – 30 November 2022, the Project was delighted to facilitate a two-day tailormade workshop on Project Cycle Management (PCM) for the University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan (UKZ). The workshop was designed jointly by the HERAS Plus Team and the UKZ leadership. The event was attended by a core team of academic and administrative staff of UKZ, who are determined to work on further advancing the university’s performance in applying and implementing projects.

The tailormade workshop aimed at building capacities for writing, monitoring and implementing Projects. The program covered all the main subjects involved in PCM, whereas the delivery method was through presentations, group work and coaching sessions. The UKZ team members, who undertook the training, were guided to work on concrete project ideas aiming to convert them into draft project proposals.

This specially designed program on PCM is considered a structural intervention in the path towards further institutional development. The training is part of the support provided to UKZ based on the competitive fund for strategic development of public universities, and it is in line with the joint actions agreed in the MoU between HERAS Plus Project and the University.


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