HERAS Plus organized the workshop on fostering innovation culture in Kosova through co-funded instruments

On 27 September 2023, HERAS Plus organized the workshop on fostering innovation culture in Kosova through co-funded instruments. The workshop provided a comprehensive exploration of key themes, including the cultivation of an innovation culture in Kosovo through public-private research and innovation engagement. It also focused on the promotion of best practices in research and innovation, offering updates on the latest developments in public-private co-funding tools. Furthermore, the event delved into the adaptation pathways designed for public universities receiving co-funding instruments and explored development pathways for private sector engagement.

Additionally, participants had the invaluable opportunity to engage in discussions and exchange insights with leading beneficiaries of European Research and Innovation (R&I) funding, further enriching the depth and breadth of knowledge-sharing at the workshop.

The workshop provided a dynamic platform for collaborative discussions and knowledge sharing, bringing together a diverse array of participants. MESTI representative presented on the grants and activities dedicated to researchers. Among the attendees were representatives from various key organizations, including ITP Prizren, whose expertise in technology and innovation added significant value to the event. Additionally, the UP Office of Research and Sponsored Programs brought a wealth of knowledge in research and funding strategies to the table. The presence of the Kosova Chamber of Commerce, a vital player in Kosova’s business ecosystem, further underscored the workshop’s importance in fostering public-private partnerships. Venture UP, a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation, contributed valuable insights. The UP Faculty of Civil Engineering, as an academic institution, provided a critical perspective on research and education. The Kosovar-German Business Association, known for its dedication to fostering economic ties, offered a perspective on innovation and collaboration. Together, these participants enriched the collaborative environment, creating a vibrant atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and experiences, and ultimately contributing to the workshop’s success.

The workshop will produce a tool kit from the inputs gathered during the discussions, will serve as a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders alike. It encapsulates the innovative ideas, best practices, and strategic recommendations generated during the workshop, providing a roadmap for advancing research and innovation engagement in Kosovo. The collaborative effort put into creating this document exemplifies the workshop’s commitment to translating ideas into actionable initiatives that will have a lasting impact on Kosovo’s innovation landscape.

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