HERAS Plus organizes a two-day workshop on research governance with a focus on mentoring master dissertations

On 02 – 03 February 2023, the Project was happy to support the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj (UASF) in their efforts to improve the overall research governance with a focus on mentoring master dissertations.

The two-day workshop provided guidance and training on modern techniques and best practices related to the process of conducting research, and overall governance of master dissertations. The workshop also discussed the key governance factors that contribute to successful practices in mentoring master dissertations.

The workshop provided the academic staff at UASF with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that their mentoring practices are governed by best practices. The attendees were introduced not only to the modern research methods, but also to various tools and techniques for mentoring, including mentoring templates, checklists, and feedback forms. They are also participated in interactive discussions and case studies that provided valuable insights into the practical application of governance principles in mentoring master dissertations.

HERAS Plus recognizes the importance of strengthening governance in higher education institutions in Kosovo to ensure the quality of education and research outcomes. By providing workshops such as this one, the Project is contributing to the development of a more effective and accountable higher education sector in Kosovo.

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