HERAS Plus provides continued support to the development of a performance-based funding for public higher education institutions

On 09 February 2023, HERAS Plus in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation (MESTI) organized the second meeting of the working group engaged in drafting the Administrative Instruction (AI) that will regulate the introduction of a performance-based funding system for Kosovar public universities. This meeting builds on the progress made during the first meeting, held on 13 December 2022, where the working group agreed on the methodology and timeline for developing the AI.

HERAS Plus was happy to provide expert support and facilitate the proceedings of the working group during the meeting. Our team of experts presented a framework of the Administrative Instruction and engaged in deliberating the draft articles and collecting feedback from the working group members. The working group is composed of members representing all stakeholders, including MESTI, the Ministry of Finance, all public universities, and prominent (independent) experts in the field of Higher Education in Kosovo.

The Administrative Instruction that is being drafted by the working group is based on the findings and recommendations of the Roadmap document developed by HERAS Plus in collaboration with MESTI. The Roadmap provides guidance to Kosovar decision-makers on how to introduce a performance-based funding system for the public universities, with the goal of improving the governance of higher education in Kosovo. The working group meeting held yesterday marked an important step in the implementation of the recommendations made in the Roadmap document.

We believe that a performance-based funding system will help to improve the quality of education and research at Kosovar public universities. The new system will incentivize universities to strive for excellence and provide better outcomes for students, academic staff, and the wider community.

HERAS Plus Project is excited to see the progress being made in the implementation of the Roadmap document and look forward to continuing our support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation in this important initiative.




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