HERAS Plus supports development of new Administrative Instruction on the Register of the scientific innovative institutions

On 20 September 2022, in close cooperation with Ministry of Education Science Technology and Innovation (MESTI), we supported the working group proceedings of developing new Administrative Instruction (AI) on “Register of the scientific innovative institutions”. The AI is very important for MESTI because it regulates (among other issues) i) Definition of the requirements for the respective Institutions; ii) Conditions/requirements for issuing a license; iii) Institutional obligations related to the national interest; iv) Institutional obligations related to international documents and directives; v) Dissolution of the Institutions, etc. For this purpose, HERAS Plus has provided expert support (national and international).

Support provided to the development of the Administrative Instruction “Register of the scientific innovative institutions” recalled by article 7 of Law No.06/L-049 on Scientific Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge and Technology, ensues the previous support to the development of the Administrative Instruction No 11/2021 on Transfer and Forms of Transfer of Knowledge and Technology, and to the implementation of the respective law.

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