HERAS promoted the project Calls in Prizren and Gjakova

HERAS promoted the project Calls at the University of Prizren and University of Gjakova

On 11 May 2017, the project team together with the representative of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MEST) as well as with the Senior Management of the respective Universities, conducted information sessions at their premises.

The aim of the events was to elaborate and promote the objective, outline, expected results, methodology, eligibility criteria, selection procedure and other necessary information pertaining to the HERAS calls related to programmatic Partnerships, Research Grants and the Scholarships for PhD/PostDoc. The first session was held at the University of Prizren, in front of approx. 90 participants, mainly professors and students (male and female). The second session (on the same day) the HERAS team together with MEST representative visited the University of Gjakova and spoke to the targeted audience, composed of Vice-Rectors, Deans, Professors and students (approx. 30 participants). In both cases, the presentations and discussions were very interactive.

Many proposals and ideas for possible applications on all three calls were noted, whereas HERAS team encouraged to put their ideas into concrete proposals in order those are submitted on time and in accordance with the timelines of each call.


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