HERAS supports KAA organize a public consultation event for Self-Assessment Report (SAR)

On 19 November 2018, KAA in close cooperation with project HERAS organized a public consultation event to seek feedback, stakeholder engagement and contribution that is needed for the finalisation of the SAR which is necessary for ENQA re-membership. During the event, the KAA presented the content of the SAR whereas the audience had an opportunity to comment and provide additional inputs for the SAR upgrade. The discussions were mainly focused on the stakeholder engagement, improve the climate of the quality assurance in Kosovo and adhere to the requirements posed by the ESGs, engage students in the entire process of accreditation.

Moreover, the KAA and the audience also agreed that the discussions between them shall continue also in future in a continues manner in order dialogue between MEST, KAA, higher education institutions is ensured consistently. The KAA shall submit the final SAR to ENQA by 21st November which will be followed with the ENQA review and screening of the report until the final decision of ENQA on KAA membership to be brought (expected by June-September 2019).

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