HERAS supports KAA to develop PhD standards

On 06 December 2019, HERAS in close cooperation with the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA) organized a one-day workshop for development of the standards for evaluation of doctoral programmes. During this workshop HERAS international expert presented the first draft of the standards for evaluation of PhD programs which have been drafted following the previous workshop held in October 2019. The event was attended by the representatives of KAA staff and board, MEST, representatives of HEIs, academic staff and ADA funded projects. The objective of the standards is to have a document that is going to be used by the institutions that are motivated to have doctoral programmes as well as to be implemented in the process of evaluation of these programmes with a main aim to enhance the quality of doctoral programmes in Kosovo higher education institutions. Furthermore, the standards are expected to facilitate the process of establishing and implementing doctoral programmes and contributing to an overall quality of doctoral education on a national level. The given standards are based on a number of relevant European policy papers on doctoral education, recommendations and guidelines, good practices at the European institutions. The event concluded with the statement that the representatives of all Kosova stakeholders shall sent their written feedback to KAA, then, the international expert will finetune and finalize the standards which then will be presented at the KAA Board for adoption.

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