HERAS supports University of Prishtina to develop new regulation on accreditation process

On 26-27 November 2019 the project HERAS organized two days’ workshop to support the University of Prishtina (UP) and Quality Assurance structures at the UP to develop a new regulation for accreditation process that that will be used for institutional accreditation/re-accreditation as well as programme accreditation/re-accreditation. The regulation is based on the actual practice that the UP and its structures are following as well as on the respective Administrative Instruction for Accreditation of higher education institutions in Kosovo. In addition to the regulation, during the workshop the attendees managed to develop ‘maps of processes’ with regard to the accreditation process which will be enclosed as annexes to the document. It is believed that the regulation and its annexes will sharpen and enhance the mentioned processes from which the entire university and its structures will benefit. HERAS will follow-up and support the UP until the regulation is finalized, reviewed and approved by the Senate. These efforts are in line with the European Standards Guidelines for Quality Assurance.


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