HERAS trained Academic staff of the University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren on how to develop proper Self Evaluation Report (SER) for the accreditation process

On 27 September 2019, HERAS organized one-day workshop at the University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren. The main focus of the event was to advice and support the University staff how to develop proper SER which is part of the accreditation process. In this regard, the team of HERAS presented the accreditation Manual of higher education institutions which is a guiding document adopted by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, and in line with the ESG standards.

The workshop was a good platform to exchange views and ideas how the mentioned process could be improved. Moreover, at the event, HERAS together with the academic staff reviewed the draft versions of the University SER’s in order the process of accreditation of institution is enhanced in accordance with the mentioned manual.

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