Kosovo Research Information System (KRIS) nears the piloting phase

On September 6, the 7th Working Group Meeting about the Kosovo Research Information System (KRIS) was held. The meeting aimed to present the progress made so far in developing KRIS, discuss the indicators list to generate data from the system, and initiate and agree on the piloting phase and the Administrative Instruction development.

The Kosovo Research Information System will act as a national research ecosystem for gathering data systematically on research indicators in Kosovo and its Diaspora community, enabling the possibility to generate data for respective interest groups and users. As a management information system, KRIS will serve as a national repository for information regarding researchers, Institutions, International and international funded projects, licensed Research Institutions, research infrastructure, journals and activities.

Kosovo Research Information System (KRIS) is developed by HERAS Plus and ReseachCult, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation.

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