HERAS meets with the new Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation

On 18 February 2020, the Team Leader, Mr. Emurli met with the minister Hykmete Bajrami to brief on the ongoing implementation of the project. At the meeting, both interlocutors discussed about the ongoing implementation of the project and the plans for the follow-up. Mr. Emurli informed the minister that since February 2017, HERAS has been actively involved in the following areas/levels of intervention:

  • Policy level where we supported MESTI and KAA. The project has support MEST in reviewing HE law; part of WG for KAA law; supported on drafting regulation on innovation voucher; drafting white paper on strategic development of the public HEIs, supported the re-application process of KAA at ENQA/EQAR; selection processes of KAA Board and Appeals Committee; etc.
  • University level where we supported all public universities. The project has given programmatic partnerships, research grants and scholarships to these universities. Supported in their strategic development by providing different consultation, workshops and trainings.
  • Research level where we supported the revitalization of the NCP system; supported the drafting of research and innovation mapping; etc.


In the end, Mr. Emurli informed the Minister that within HERAS, some qualitative deliverables have been developed which require follow-up from the MESTI side. For this it was agreed to have regular meetings between the project staff and MESTI and discuss in details as needed.



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