LAUNCH OF PUBLICATION: The Incorporation of a Human Rights-based Approach in Kosovo’s Regulatory Framework for Higher Education and its application in Higher Education Institutions

On 23 January 2020 the HERAS publication “THE INCORPORATION OF A HUMAN RIGHTS-BASED APPROACH IN KOSOVO’S REGULATORY FRAMEWORK FOR HIGHER EDUCATION AND ITS APPLICATION IN HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION” was presented at the Europe House in Prishtina. The study includes an analysis of the relevant legal framework, of strategic plans of six public universities as well as findings from a survey carried out with management and staff of public universities. The study concludes that a more systematic human rights-based approach is required in higher education, providing also for affirmative action where/as needed. The presentation of findings was complemented by inputs from University of Prishtina and Peja regarding the role and visions of Human Rights Centers at these universities. Participants in the event included representatives from MEST, public universities and other relevant organisations.

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