Online Information Session on Programmatic Partnerships


On 21 December 2020, the online information session on Programmatic Partnerships was held to disseminate information on the objectives, outlines, expected results, methodology, eligibility criteria, selection procedure and other necessary information pertaining to the HERAS Plus call on Programmatic Partnerships.

The online information session contained a presentation by Ms. Louise Sperl, Project Manager and International Expert from the lead consortium partner, WUS Austria, with opening remarks and moderation by Ms. Fitore Fazliu, Thematic Coordinator for Research and Innovation at HERAS Plus. The presentation and discussions touched upon (but not limited to) possible areas of cooperation, focus areas and eligibility.

Programmatic Partnerships aim to build and develop cooperation between Kosovar and Austrian Institutions of Higher Education and the Accreditation Agencies in Higher Education. Thus, the eligible entities are: Public Higher Education Institutions and Accreditation Agencies and National Qualification Framework Agencies from Kosovo and Austria.

These programmatic partnerships might encompass possible areas of cooperation such as:

  • Curriculum development
  • Enhancing of research conditions and capacities on institutional level
  • Issues related to the Bologna Process (including also aspects related to the Social Dimension)
  • Strengthening HRBA, the Social dimension of higher education and gender equality in curricula, teaching and research
  • Linking Higher Education and economy issues related to the employability of graduates
  • Quality assurance in higher education
  • Workshops on specific topics for students and staff
  • Handling of examinations and staff exchange
  • Other topics in line with basic principles of the partnership idea

Focus areas of PP are: Fostering of 1)  labor market relevance, 2) the Social Dimension of HE and 3) the implementation of a Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) in HE and 4) the implementation of the European Standard Guidelines for quality assurance (ESG).

The open call can be accessed here: PROGRAMMATIC PARTNERSHIP

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