Online information session on Research Grants

Online information session on Research Grants was held on 23d of December 2020,  to disseminate information on the objectives, outlines, expected results, methodology, eligibility criteria, selection procedure and other necessary information pertaining to the HERAS Plus call on RESEARCH GRANTS.

The online information session hosted the main presentation by Ms. Andrea Mayr from our consortium partner ZSI, with opening remarks and moderation by Ms. Fitore Fazliu, Thematic Coordinator for Research and Innovation at HERAS Plus. The presentation and discussions touched upon (but not limited to) possible areas of cooperation, focus areas and eligibility.

Research Grant’s objectives include promoting international scientific cooperation and networking between Austrian researchers, researchers from Kosovo and researchers from the Western Balkan region in the thematic areas of the call; empowerment of young and early stage Kosovan researchers engaged at public universities in Kosovo to work within international academic networks projects;  strengthening the participation of researchers from the public universities  in Kosovo in regional collaborative research networking projects; as well as adopting, generating, exploiting and disseminating scientific methods and/or research results between Austria, Kosovo and the Western Balkan region in the chosen thematic area.

Important information:

Partners/Consortium composition: Minimum: 1 partner (as contractor/coordinator) from Austria and 1 partner from Kosovo.

Eligible organisations: public universities and universities of applied sciences from Austria, Kosovo and the Western Balkan region.

Not eligible: private universities, non-university research organisations, individual researchers, companies.

The involvement from researchers from the Western Balkan region is highly encouraged. Researchers from other European countries can participate but without any funding provided under this call. .

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