Presentation of the draft roadmap on how to establish a system of performance-based funding for the HEIs, based on Austrian experiences

On 14 July 2022, the HERAS Plus together with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) organized an event to present the ‘rough‘ draft of the roadmap – advising the government of Kosovo on how to establish a system of performance-based funding for the public higher education institutions (HEIs), based on Austrian experiences.

The event was attended by the official working group members composed of MESTI and public HEIs representatives, chaired by MESTI Deputy Minister Dukagjin Pupovci and HERAS Plus Team Leader Aqim Emurli. The event was used also to get direct feedback from the participants which ultimately be included in the consolidated version of the roadmap. The roadmap promulgates that the current system of funding the public HEIs would profit from the transit towards a system of performance-based funding, because it will increase the accountability, participatory and competitiveness of the public higher education sector.

Moreover and in order to ensure the success of performance agreements, they will need to be embedded into a governance cycle and intrinsically interwoven with strategic planning and other strategic governance goals at ministry and university level.

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