Public Hearing for the Kosovo Accreditation Agency Law

We were pleased to support the first public hearing for the Kosovo Accreditation Agency Law (KAA), with the request of and in close cooperation with the Committee on Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, Culture Youth and Sport of the Kosovo Assembly.

This event targeted the higher education institutions’ representatives and academia to enable a forum of discussion about the last version of the Law. Participants commented and discussed different provisions of the Law, such as the roles and responsibilities of the KAA bodies, accreditation timeline and accreditation validity, the external evaluation issues, and the broader vision for the Higher Education sector.

Ms. Arbërie Nagavci, Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) Minister, and Mr. Ardian Gola, chairman of the respective committee, addressed the event. Both Ms. Nagavci and Mr. Gola thanked HERAS Plus for their continued support for the KAA in enhancing the quality of higher education. They welcomed participants’ inputs to ensure inclusion and address relevant gaps and higher education needs in the KAA Law. Ms. Nagavci elaborated on drafting and finalizing the Law on KAA, stressed the importance of the Law in ensuring quality in higher education through a solid legal basis and the commitment of MESTI in this regard, and expressed her gratitude for all stakeholder’s involvement.

This activity is within the scope of continuous support provided by the HERAS Plus Project to the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, Higher Education Institutions, and MESTI to enhance higher education in line with the European Frameworks and requirements of the respective agencies, such as ENQA.

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