Social dimension small grant scheme – Initial workshop for grantees

14 participants took part in the initial workshop for grantees of the Social Dimension Small Grant Scheme today. The workshop aimed at introducing grantees to the HERAS project and the Social Dimension of Higher Education; to establish a network among grantees and familiarize grantees with all projects accepted under this scheme and to familiarize grantees with reporting requirements.

In line with the goals of the Social Dimension of Higher Education of the Bologna Process, this Social Dimension Small Grant Scheme aims to foster access, participation and successful completion of higher education for persons from underrepresented/marginalized groups. The selected projects are covering thematic areas such as mentoring and career guidance for students from underrepresented groups, outreach to potential students through working with schools, combatting of existing stereotypes that hamper access to education for all, targeted support and empowerment of female students from minority communities and fostering access to higher education for persons with disabilities. The 10 selected projects are being implemented by groups of students, CSOs and public universities in the period between May and December 2018.

Results and good practices from the implementation of these project will be presented in a public dissemination event in early 2019.

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