Study visit to Austria for Kosovan delegation to learn more about the performance-based funding of the public higher education institutions


On 12-15 September 2022, the project organized and facilitated a study visit to Austria for the Kosovan delegation, composed of representatives Ministry of Education Science Technology and Innovation (MESTI) and representative of the public higher education institutions (HEIs). During the visit, the delegation conducted meetings and workshops at the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research as well as at the Austrian HEIs where they heard about the lessons learnt from Austria, how was this system developed and how was handled since its start, was there anything missing in order the system is implemented swiftly. Also, the capacity building measures that the Ministry undertook in order all levels of university were informed and prepared for the new system. All this information and knowledge will be taken into consideration by the Kosovan side when developing/implementing similar system in Kosovo.

As a follow-up to the visit and with the support of HERAS Plus, the MESTI plans to develop/finalize a roadmap which will provide an overall framework for performance-based funding and the implementation of related workshops. In addition, MESTI aims to develop an administrative instruction (AI) based on the findings of the roadmap and the options identified therein. .

study visit

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