Supporting MESTI working group to draft the concept document for the revision of Law on Scientific Research Activities

A successful two-day workshop concluded on the 28th – 29th of July through the support provided to the Working Group established to draft the concept document for the revision of Law No. 04/L-135 on Scientific Research Activities.

The Ministry of Science, Education, Technology, and Innovation (MESTI) has initiated revising the respective laws and requested the HERAS Plus support in the process. The revision is expected to reflect the policy-making vision of MESTI and address the identified needs during implementation.

Law No. 04/L-135 on Scientific Research Activities, of May 2013, regulates the establishment, activity, organization, governance, rights, and obligations of scientific workers and researchers in this activity; position of the National Science Council, approval and implementation of the National Science Program, financing bases of scientific research activity, as well as other issues regarding the scientific-research activity in Kosovo. As such, a revised version is important to the overall policy-making establishment of research and innovation.

The two-day workshop gathered the working group members for working-level sessions designed around the presentation and discussion of proposed needs and revisions and concluded with the drafting of the concept document for further proceedings at MESTI.

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