Naim Gashi, Director General of KAA during the MoU signing event November 4, 2020


“This project is vital for KAA because not only it helps with our institutional capacity building and internal regulation, but it simultaneously it helps us with fulfilling the criteria for returning Kosovo to ENQA. The project is very detailed, practical and concrete, it addresses explicitly all the needs of KAA in higher education.”

Rector of UGJFA, Artan Nimani during MoU signing with University of Gjakova December 24, 2020

heras plus project stakeholders

“The agreement we finalized today is extraordinary for us because of the support of Austrian government for the University of Gjakova. Their funds support strategic planning in creating and strengthening institutions within the University of Gjakova.”

Minister Ramë Likaj during the Kick Off Event November 25, 2020


“We value that the common Heras Plus Project is an ideal platform with which we can vitalize development interventions for higher education, academic research and applied sciences by benefitting from the best Austrian practices in the field.”

H.E. Christoph Weidinger, Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to the Republic of Kosovo during the Kick Off Event November 25, 2020

“I am especially pleased that Austria is providing funds to such a significant project that aims at contributing to the well-functioning of higher education and academic research in Kosovo.”

Vice-Rector for International Relations and Quality Assurance of University of Peja, Prof. Dr. Ibish Mazreku during the Manual launching event with KAA February 24, 2021

heras plus project stakeholders

“Heras Plus is a strong pillar for HEIs in Kosova. The manual for external evaluation of HEIs is a positive matter for all institutions. Having the manual in written form has changed our approach and the way of managing our work and it will help us for the future. I congratulate all stakeholders for the work done.”

HERAS Plus Expert, Majlinda Mazreku during the Manual launching event with KAA February 24, 2021

“I am grateful for the all the work done. The manual for external evaluation of HEIs will help the work of KAA for improving their work and the process for quality assurance. It is important for the future to contextualize the required ENQA standards for Kosova.”

Rector of UP, Prof. Dr. Naser Sahiti during the signing ceremony of MoU, March 5, 2021

heras plus project stakeholders

“It is a great pleasure to continue the cooperation with HERAS+ and formalize it institutionally through signing the MoU. We hope that through this cooperation we can complete and achieve the goals and objectives presented in the Strategic Plan by 2022.”

MSc. PhD cand. Bujar Gallopeni, Lecturer and Head of Public Administration Department of IBCM during the MoU signing event, April 1, 2020.

“It is always a pleasure to work with HERAS Plus, we are building forces and we are in the right direction with CRIS. In one year from now we will have a launching event where all the stakeholders will be present. We are also focusing in the quality of the standards so we are working on the workshop for the roadmap.”

Vice-Rector for Teaching, Student Affairs and Research at University of Prizren, Prof. Asoc. Dr. Shemsi Morina during the Baseline Assessment launching event, May 20, 2021

We thank the team of HERAS+ for the cooperation with University of Prizren “Ukshin Hoti” in developing the strategy of the University as well as the support you have offered and are offering for the University. We’ve cooperated with HERAS in the last three years and we’ve expressed our readiness to cooperate again in this new phase for the next three years. As an international project with focus on higher education, HERAS+ has the most unique approach. This approach comes from studying the existing state of Universities and producing recommendations for identifying concrete fields and activities for development.” 

Deputy Minister, Dukagjin Pupovci during the Launching of CRIS/KRIS Roadmap, 25 May, 2021

heras plus project stakeholders

“On behalf of MESTI, as a deputy minister I thank you for today’s event. Improvement of conditions for scientific research is a priority of MESTI and CRIS is extremely important because it will offer us data and information that could be used for various purposes. CRIS is being supported by two international projects like HERAS+ and Research Cult that closely deal with the research. Supporting and encouraging the work of scientific research should be a priority not just for the government and the ministry but also for all other higher education research institutions.”

HERAS Plus Expert, Ilire Hasani Mavriqi during the Workshop for Regulation on Open Access to Research Infrastructure, June 8, 2021

“The mission of this Working Group is to is to jointly create the conditions for the future of data-driven and collaborative scientific research. We are continuously having consultations and I believe that we will achieve better results if we involve all stakeholders in this phase. The contribution of this Working Group is very valuable in identifying the needs and requirements of the University of Pristina. The end product is the first step towards an Open Science framework for the University of Prishtina and will help increase the capacities of research infrastructures”

Viktor Ahmeti, student at University of Prishtina ‘Hasan Prishtina’, Applied Science Grantee of the project ‘Concrete Applications of Algorithms and Data Structures in modern Web and Mobile Development’.

heras plus project stakeholders

“This was the first grant we’ve implemented along with my team and this was an extraordinary experience for us. We are thankful for all the technical support and guidance for the issues and challenges we have faced during the implementation of the project. We hope to have other cooperations in the future!”

Merita Begolli Dauti, professor at University ‘Haxhi Zeka’ in Peja, Applied Science Grantee of the project ‘Transformational Learning Through Study Visits and Internships in Various Sectors of the Tourism Industry’.

heras plus project stakeholders

“I am very grateful to the Heras Plus team for the contribution, understanding, suggestions and help provided during the implementation of the project. This positive experience strengthens my desire to collaborate with Heras Plus in the future. Thank you for your support and cooperation!”

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