The first Administrative Instruction on Knowledge and Technology Transfer is being supported by HERAS Plus

The online Workshop was attended by the Working Group (WG) members (appointed to develop the Administrative Instruction-AI), the respective officials of MESTI, and other relevant partners. Mr. Aqim Emurli, HERAS Plus Team Leader, gave a comprehensive overview of the project’s support related to the third mission of Universities, building capacities and enabling conditions for collaboration among Universities and the industry, as well as developing the respective legal mechanisms – such as this AI, which will lay out and regulate the field of Knowledge and Technology Transfer.

The Lead Expert from HERAS Plus consortium member ZSI, Mr. Helmut Gassler, presented an Input paper on Knowledge and Technology Transfer and gave a comprehensive presentation on all related topics and processes. While, Ms. Yllza Mehmeti, Head of the Division of Scientific Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge, presented the overall objectives of the department and the legal instruments (deriving from Law Nr. 06/L-049 on Scientific Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge and Technology) planned to be developed, in close cooperation and supported by HERAS Plus. Relevant topics were raised and discussed during the event, including research capacities of Universities, financial independence, and capacity for commercializing services of Universities, the existing Industrial Boards, and lack of offices for transfer of knowledge and technology. The WG will bring these discussions and inputs in upcoming meetings towards defining the tasks, objectives, and specific regulations to be defined by the AI.

HERAS Plus will provide expert support to MES in developing the “Administrative Instruction on Transfer of Technology and Knowledge and Forms of Technology Transfer” in close collaboration with the WG. The AI is derived from the Law Nо. 06/L-049 on Scientific Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge and Technology.

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