Workshop on Development of Standards for Evaluation of Doctoral Programmes

On 16 October 2019, HERAS supported a one-day workshop for development of the standards for evaluation of doctoral programmes. The event included discussions with the key stakeholders of higher education institutions in Kosova. The HERAS experts stated that with the new PhD standards, the aim is to promote education through independent research, meeting all the ethical standards; to assures appropriate research environment (facilities, infrastructure, human resources); to respect individual interests and research pathways; and last but not least to prepare doctoral candidates for different careers. Furthermore, the PhD standards will outline the entire cycle of the doctoral studies which is: In entry phase – recruitment of doctoral candidates, establishing clear relationships with a supervisor, properly defining the research question, Developing the doctoral trajectory, ensuring peer group support in micro- environment, Sharing experiences. HERAS will continue to support the process of PhD standard development and until the end of the project duration it is envisaged that the standards will be ready for being used by the KAA when evaluating the respective PhD applications from HEI’s.

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