Workshop on promotion of the regulation on innovation voucher

On 24 April 2019, HERAS in cooperation with MEST organized a workshop to promote the recently developed regulation on innovation voucher. This regulation is developed pursuant to the Scientific Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge and Technology, for allocating and mainstreaming public funding to support innovation activity in the Republic of Kosovo. The regulation is drafted by MEST and supported by HERAS and will provide a financing instrument for supporting innovation actions in Kosovo through voucher schemes. Innovation vouchers are small lines of grants to usually small and medium-sized enterprises to purchase services from specific public knowledge providers (e.g. universities, research institutions) to develop and introduce innovations (new products, processes or services) in their business operations and/or to solve innovation-related problems.

During the event, the key note speakers from MEST, the Austrian experts and the representatives from different stakeholders discussed about the approaches how to strengthen the competitiveness of an innovation system and how to create stable linkages between the different actors in the field of higher education, science and labour market. The feedback from the audience will be incorporated in the final draft of the above-mentioned regulation on innovation voucher.


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