Workshop on “Research Integrity”

On 25 April 2019, HERAS in cooperation with MEST organized a workshop on “Research Integrity”. The workshop gave insights into the main arguments of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and showed how the code is applied in Austria and across Europe. At the same time, the workshop panelists presented the current rules and practices in Kosovo in the field of ethics research and integrity. At the event, the HERAS international expert presented the guiding document ‘Terms of References’ with proposals how the research integrity could be enhanced in Kosovo. Moreover, the event proved to be a very good platform that the audience understands the main principles of research integrity and how these issues are regulated at policy as well as at university.

During the event representatives from all public universities, MEST and different stakeholders discussed on how important is research integrity as part of their work; how to integrate the part of the research integrity into their Codes of Ethics; how to improve their Code of Ethics by getting feedbacks from experts, etc.

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