Workshop on understanding the webometric ranking of world universities

On 24 February 2022, the Project conducted a workshop with University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan (UKZ Gjilan) on strategic intervention measures to improve position in the webometric ranking of world universities.

The workshop was facilitated by HERAS Plus external expert Mr. Blerim Rexha, and it was attended by the working group, designated by the university, and composed of senior academic and administrative staff. The working group surveyed the methods of calculating the university ranking by Cybermetrics Lab, the largest research institute in Spain. However, the focus was on the practical steps that a Higher Education Institution (HEI) may undertake to improve its position in this ranking.

The workshop on understanding the webometric ranking of world universities devoted great considerations to the technical matters related to the parameters of this type of cybermetric, such as Visibility (Impact), Openness, Excellence, and the overall Internet Presence. The Activity is part of the support provided to UKZ Gjilan, based on their specific request, and within the framework of the competitive fund for strategic development of public universities.

HERAS Plus is working to improve the overall research output, teaching excellence and the student service provided by public universities in Kosovo in line with the trends and standards of European Higher Education Area.

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