Programmatic Partnership

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Programmatic Partnership (Archive)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Are private universities from Kosovo eligible to apply?

A: No. Only public universities from Kosovo are eligible. See page 2 of the call: “Guidelines for the Programmatic Partnership

Q: Is there a template which needs to be used?

A: Yes. Please use the “Application form” for Programmatic Partnerships between Kosovan and Austrian Institutions and the “Timetable and Budget” These templates can be downloaded at The application needs to be filled out in English.

Q: Should “Letter of Intent” be signed by all partner institutions? Can it be signed and scanned or do you accept only the original?

A: The letter of intent should be signed by all partners (Kosovan and Austrian) and submitted as original (in the mail/paper version). In exceptional cases and if properly justified, scanned version may also be accepted.

Q: Can staff involved in the University be paid from the project?

A: Yes. Staff involved from the side of the University can be paid for the working days within the project, whereas the daily rate has to be based on the actual salary. For more information on finances please see the “Guidelines for the Budget and the Financial Report:

Q: Are Austrian university staff eligible for staff cost?

A: Even though staff costs are primarily foreseen for the Kosovan partners, staff costs for the Austrian partners are also eligible. Still, min. 50% of the staff costs must be budgeted for the partners from Kosovo. (The staff cost budget must not exceed 50% of the total project costs).

Q: Who is in charge for the financial and administration of the funds?

A: The Austrian partner, which is also the coordinating institution, is in charge of the management and the administration of the funds.

Q: Where are the funds going to be transferred?

A: Funds are going to be transferred to the Austrian HEI and it is up to the partners (universities/faculties) to agree on the procedure for covering/paying the expenses of the Kosovan partner institutions.

Q: Who should participate into the co-financing arrangements (10 %)?

A: Co-financing must be contributed by the partners. How they distribute the co-financing among the partners is up to partners, it could be the Kosovan partner(s), the Austrian partner(s) or they can split it. Partners have to state what they want to co-finance in the timetable and budget sheet. For more information on finances please see the “Guidelines for the Budget and the Financial Report:

Q: What could be covered by overhead costs?

A: Overhead costs include stationery, general photocopying, office supplies, postage and telecommunication costs directly related to the programmatic partnership. The total amount for overhead costs is fixed at 10% of the total eligible direct costs. For the overhead costs, no supporting documentation is required. Additionally, please note that no co-financing is permitted under this heading.