Nehat Dervishi

Thematic Coordinator for Higher Education


MES, Str. Agim Ramadani, Prishtina, Kosovo
+383 38 241 472

Mr. Dervishi serves as Thematic Coordinator for Higher Education for the ‘HERAS Plus’ Project. Within the project, Mr. Dervishi is in charge of activities related to building capacities of public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), fostering internationalization and mobility, key actions on applied science approaches, grant schemes, and development of policies, laws, and strategies in the field of Higher Education with a special focus on Applied Science.

Before joining WUS Austria, as a Team Member in ‘HERAS Plus’ Project in Kosovo, Mr. Dervishi served as a team member in a number of other projects implemented by international organizations and consultancy companies in Kosovo. His experience in other Projects, implemented by International Organizations (to which he was a member), relate to fields of Democratization and Good Governance, Human Rights and Higher Education (HE) including the specific themes on Quality Assurance and Accreditation, alignment with Bologna Process, and the HE Policy process.

Moreover, Mr. Dervishi has a substantial experience in the in private sector, where he, on behalf of a local consultancy firm, coordinated and managed many consultancy projects for different accounts including: DFID, The World Bank, various Kosovo governmental institutions (Central and Local level), independent agencies, private corporations, etc. In addition to his experience in Kosovo, Mr. Dervishi has a significant international exposure, both in terms of education and work experience. He has been living, working and studying in Albania, Greece, and Malaysia respectively.

Mr. Dervishi has a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Political Science from IIUM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For his academic achievement, he received the Best Student Award and the Rector’s Award for successively being on the Dean’s List. Apart from his Political Sciences studies, Mr. Dervishi has completed many advanced courses and trainings, some lasting for a few months, in other topics of his interest, in the fields of: Engineering, Statistics and Management.