Applied Science Grantees study visit to Austria

From 19 to 21 June 2023, a study visit to Austria for the grantees of our Applied Science Small Grants Scheme, was organized by HERAS Plus Project. It aimed to enlighten and inspire the grantees, who, with their small projects, have made unique contributions to advancing applied science approaches to Higher Education (HE) in Kosovo. The scheme was open to students, civil society organizations (CSOs), and academic staff from all public universities in Kosovo. The visit offers a unique opportunity for them to immerse in the renowned Austrian higher education landscape.

The visit commenced with a one-day stay at the prestigious WU University of Economics and Business in Vienna. Our participants had the privilege of visiting the innovative campus of WU and engaging with the university representatives who shared their expertise and experiences in applied science approaches to HE. The visit to WU University provided valuable insights into cutting-edge research, industry collaborations, and student-centered learning methods, inspiring our grantees with best practices that can be adapted and implemented in Kosovo.

Continuing our exploration of Austrian higher education excellence, we spent another day in Graz, visiting the renowned University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum Graz (FHJ) and Karl Franzens Universität. At FHJ, our participants witnessed firsthand how applied research and innovative teaching methods are seamlessly integrated into various disciplines. This visit stimulated thought-provoking discussions and fostered meaningful exchanges between the Kosovo grantees and their Austrian counterparts.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and developments within the HE sector in Kosovo, our Study Visit also included visits to two prominent Austrian organizations: WUS Austria in Graz and the Center for Social Innovation in Vienna. As implementing partners of the HERAS Plus Project in Kosovo, these organizations possess deep insights into the Kosovo HE landscape. Engaging with them provided an opportunity for the grantees to gain valuable knowledge, explore potential partnerships, and exchange ideas on fostering sustainable growth in the applied science domain.

We expect that this study visit will serve as a catalyst for further advancements in applied science approaches to HE in Kosovo in longer term. The firsthand exposure to Austrian best practices, combined with insightful discussions and networking opportunities, has equipped our grantees with fresh perspectives, innovative methodologies, and the motivation to spearhead positive change in their respective fields.

Stay tuned for more updates on the impactful activities, projects and initiatives emerging from HERAS Plus as we continue to drive positive change in Kosovo’s higher education landscape.

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