HERAS Plus supports the University ‘Ukshin Hoti’ in Prizren (UUHP) with research equipment

On 05 September 2023, the project team visited the UUHP and attended the official ceremony of handing over the new equipment funded by the HERAS Plus. The equipment will enhance the ‘research activities in the relevant fields within the Faculty of Environmental Sciences: Quantitative & qualitative gene expression analysis; miRNA analysis; Genetic mapping; Genetic fingerprinting; NGS library quantification; Pathogen quantification’.

The Rector of the UUHP Mr. Mentor Alishani thanked HERAS Plus, the implementing consortium (WUS Austria, ZSI and OeAD) as well as Austrian Development Agency for this great support and stated that this intervention supports the implementation of their strategy terms of promoting research inputs/outputs.

During the visit, the Rector of the UHHP Mr. Mentor Alishani and the Team Leader Mr. Aqim Emurli also discussed about the ongoing and upcoming cooperation between UUHP and HERAS Plus. To this end, they both agreed to continue the cooperation towards the revision of the UUHP statute, training of the academic staff on improving the teaching research capacities as well as study programme development.

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