MES and HERAS+ establishes a new working on developing applied science policies

On 11 August 2020, the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) has established a working group (WG) which will be in charge of the policies and the regulatory framework in the field of applied science. This development came as a result of advocacy and request from the HERAS+ towards the MES Minister and his cabinet. Through the WG, the HERAS+ will also provide support to the development and implementation of recommendations outlined, therein related to the development of these regulatory frameworks. The joint work will be based on an ongoing dialogue between the project team and MES together with other key stakeholders and it is expected that it will result with a potential new law, and or new administrative instruction and or new regulation in the field of applied science. Noteworthy, the WG was initially established during the previous phase of the project (HERAS) and now updated with new decision of MES. .

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