Supporting Organization of Kosovar-Austria Alumni – Study visit to Austria

From 23 to 25 January 2023, a study visit for the Organization of Kosovar-Austria Alumni (OKAA) to Austria was organized by HERAS Plus. The delegation consisted of the OKAA Board members.

The main purpose of the study visit was to build contacts, and establish collaboration, with Austrian and Kosovan institutions/organizations in the sector of higher education, in particular with regards to the alumni related issues. The overall aim was empowering the OKAA Board through exposing its members to new ideas for potential activities and opportunities for possible cooperation with Austrian counterparts.

The delegation met with representatives from various organizations and institutions, such as : Mr. Lukas Mandl Member of European Parliament; Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research; University of Vienna; University of Graz; Mr. Manfred Brandner, Honorary Consul of Kosovo; Centre for Southeast European Studies, Kosovar Business Network in Austria and our consortium members OEAD and WUS Austria.

One of the key takeaways from the visit was learning about the various structures and resources available to support alumni networks as well as clear communication and regular engagement with alumni. Another important insight was the potential for collaborations and partnerships between different alumni networks and organizations.

OKAA plans to use the knowledge and inspiration gained during the study visit to further develop and strengthen its own alumni network in Kosovo. Additionally, the OKAA will also explore potential collaborations and partnerships with other alumni networks and organizations.

study visit

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